Things I Wish Someone Would have Told Me about Turning 30

Turning 30 last July was for me, like a right of passage. It made me proud, I felt wiser, and I knew that I had reached a new milestone in my life that I was and still am, super excited about. Fast forward to now, I’m wondering why no one told me about the other side of turning 30 (lol). Those who don’t know what I’m speaking of, or for those who are about to embark on this journey…LET ME FOREWARN YOU!!

1.) No one told me that I would all of a sudden wake up with aches and pains from places that have me wondering how the aches and pains came about. These sudden back pains and muscles aches aren’t fun and who knew that turning just another year older would make me feel like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz…or like a squeeky door; where is the WD40??!!!

2.) Why didn’t anyone tell me that I would need to start taking naps before going out. A full day of doing things with my kids, combined with me skipping my nap only causes me to flake on anything that I initially had planned for that evening. That nap is more essential than you know.

3.) Now, since we’re on the subject of nightlife, why is it that all of a sudden 9 pm is considered “late”? It is not something that I decided or something that I made up, but when it comes to scheduling things or having any type of adult interaction that involve me leaving the comfort of my home, those plans are few and far in between. Normally by 9 pm I have gotten the kids to bed, taken a shower, took out my contacts out, and the laptop and planner have my full undivided attention. I hate for my time to be wasted and I’d rather spend my nights doing things that I actually enjoy.

4.) Ok, truth moment…NO ONE REALLY HAS IT ALL TOGETHER AND WE ARE ALL OUT HERE JUST WINGING IT *shrugs*. In my twenties I thought and planned to have it all together by the time I turned 30; and when I say “all” I basically mean my finances and love life. I felt like most people were settled, stable, and basically had a clear plan on how they wanted the next phases of their life to be by that time. The fact is that life comes with no guarantees or time limits on how things should go, and God has this great sense of humor, letting us know that sometimes the plans that we have for ourselves are not even part of our journey.

5.) Turning 30 may not have been exactly how I expected, but the one thing that has happened that I have absolutely no complaints about the fact that I am living MY LIFE on MY TERMS and I don’t worry about how anyone feels about it. This has been the most freeing and liberating experience of my life thus far.

Now of course life will bring more obstacles and chapters that will make me even more strong willed and wiser, but I can say without a doubt, that I know a lot more than I knew when I was 20. So to the younger generation who think that they “have it all together”, hear me when I say that YOU DON’T (ha!), but stock up on the muscle rub and the ibuprofen and you’ll be just fine!

**Artwork by @princess_kay_ (IG)**