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Mama Zee Needs Help!!

I have learned all to well that with raising kids, comes the hurdles of different stages and phases that are sometimes not the easiest on a parent, but low and behold in comes "the bedtime struggle". Bedtime with my twins are a piece of cake, but with my 4 year old (Marley), almost every single night is a challenge. I don't know about any other parent, but my 4 year old seems to have found every single strategy in the book to get me to let her stay up, and I have tried so many different tactics to get her to go to bed easily but thus far they have all been a fail. Kids are masters of manipulation and whether we know it or not, they play off of our vibes and frustrations. They know a lot more than we think.

As with any other mom, my time to myself is very limited, so I try to get chores, “me time”, and blogging in within a small time frame, and the only time for me to get this done is when my kids go to sleep. This in turn, ushers in insomnia for me. I have a mind full of thoughts, ideas and content that I try to jam pack into a few hours, while I simultaneously iron, wash clothes, wash dishes, and attempt to convince my persistent toddler to go to bed. Moms play a lot of roles and wear a lot of hats, but in the midst of it all, you never want to lose your sense of who you are, so those "me time" hours are very important; they are few, but they are what I like to call my “golden hours”.

It seems like Marley can sense my procrastination days when I am really in need of her to go to sleep without any issues, because those nights seem to be the toughest. Pushing my buttons with back to back bathroom trips and endless complaints of her being thirsty has become the norm. I’m hoping that this is only a phase and that it will pass soon, but in the meantime, Mommy is fresh out of ideas and I need new strategies!! No parent is perfect and I love hearing feedback and different approaches from other parents, so this content is a little different from the others. Today I’m asking the advice of parents on this bedtime issue. Do you have any suggestions? Have you ever had this problem with your little one(s)? What strategies did you try?

**Artwork by @blackabstract_m (IG)**