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Monday Motivation

You remember those days when you prayed to be in the position that you're in now? You remember those people who God sent your way to help you get to this point? If you're currently in a position to where you can help someone up in the same way that you were helped, then why not? Your light won't dim if you help someone that may be in fact trying to get to the same destination as you. All of the abundance of knowledge and experience that you gained along the way is no good if you're not willing to pull someone else up. There's room for us all at the top, so don't allow your pride or stubbornness to get in the way of what could potentially be a teaching moment and a blessing to all that you help. I know that we are on a daily journey to become better than we were the day before and just trying to pursue our dreams, but on today, keep in mind that there is still someone somewhere who is trying to get to the point that you're at now. If nothing else, a kind word, a prayer, or some sound advice, may be exactly what they need to keep pushing. Be kind and pull someone else up wit you today! Happy Monday!

**Artwork by @theartofjas (IG)**