You’re More than Just a Mom

Feeling like you have lost your identity is one of the worst feelings as a Mother. No Mother wants to feel like she has lost herself. Having three children who are very close in age, made it easy for me to start losing a sense of who I was. For a while I only felt like my sole purpose on this earth was to be a waitress, a nurse, a counselor, a referee and a taxi driver all in one. Days and nights began to run together and everyday felt like a never ending cycle. This is where depression and anxiety had the opportunity to rear its ugly head.

I love my kids with everything in me, but I knew that if I didn’t find some sense of solace and a purpose for my life, these dark thoughts and feelings would never leave me. Knowing that you are still a beautiful woman underneath the t shirts and leggings that you may have grown so accustomed to wearing is one of the biggest and most important things to remember through it all.

Although your time outside of your daily responsibilities may already be limited, find something that you enjoy doing and let that be your outlet or your peace time once the kids are in bed. Find something positive to do that puts a smile back on your face. Buy yourself something nice and try to pack the mom guilt away, right along with all of the insecurity and pain. You need to feel like YOU again and your kids deserve to see their Mom happy; you owe this to yourself and you owe this to them. Let today be the last day that you feel like you’re “Just a Mom”❤️

***Artwork by @lord_kpuri (IG)**

#SelfLove #SelfCare