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Monday Motivation

Don’t get complacent! Its the start of a new week, and it’s a brand new day! Let the creativity, positive vibes and good energy follow you all through the week. If last week was stagnant, you’ve got a brand new opportunity this week; don’t let it pass you by. If there’s something that you started, and you didn’t have the motivation to finish, let this be your sign, your extra push, your motivation, or whatever it was that you needed in order to JUST KEEP GOING.

Let’s not let another day go by where we weren’t trying to be better than the day before. You’ve been chosen to run this race because He (God) knew that you could handle it, and you need to finish strong. The spirit of unfinished tasks, throwing in the towel and giving up no longer lives here. Everything that I start, I may not succeed in, but no longer will I have the regret of not even giving it a shot. You owe it to yourself, so make today great✌🏾😘

**Artwork by @bflybydesign (IG) **