An Open Letter to 2019

2019, Our face to face meeting is only hours away now and although 2018 has been pretty prosperous and eye opening, I’m praying for OVERFLOW and OVER ABUNDANCE in 2019. I’ve continued my journey of healing wounds that have constantly been exposed to hurt, pain, and betrayal, and I have, thus far, carried those scars with pride and transparency knowing that there is someone else who could possibly be helped from knowing my story. I’m open to embracing everything that you have to offer me going forth, including new lessons and brand new opportunities. 2018 brightened the path for new things and once I meet you I’ll introduce you to those things so that we can flourish together. So with that being said, I’m bringing this masterpiece, also know as a work in progress, but BETTER KNOWN AS ZELENKA, to meet you in a few hours and I can’t wait 😘✌🏾

**Artwork by @lord_kpuri (IG)**