What Resolution??

“I plan on losing weight”, “I plan to stay away from toxic people”...these are the kind of resolutions that not only are the “go to resolutions” for others, but it’s my “go to” as well. Truth is, if I say that I would be committing to these things, I’d probably fall short. I know that there are days that I am so tired from work and the everyday life of parenting, that working out is the last thing on my mind. Does that make me a failure? No it doesn’t. Life happens, things come up, and I am not a robot. I can’t pretend to live a lavished life, where I have it all together and everything figured out, all while working and being the perfect Mom to my kids. Perfect Moms don’t exist and perfect people don’t either. I know that there may be days where the same people whom I know that I have no business entertaining, may cross my path. Is it my intention to take the lesson that I previously learned and keep it moving? Yes, but will that always be the case? Hopefully so. But the truth is that WE ALL make mistakes, we fall short, and we have setbacks. So in terms of making New Years resolutions, I can’t say that I’ll be making any in that manner.

This past year has been one of the most eye opening and life changing years that I’ve had in a while (in a good way). I’m learning how to love myself, so that I will eventually know how to love someone else when they’re sent my way. I’m learning how to better deal with anxiety and depression, so that I can start feeling healthier mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for my babies and I. I’m learning to forgive which is no easy feat. And I’m learning to let go of things that no longer make me happy. This is my power that I’ve gained, and I am keeping it. By no means am I talking down on those who do make resolutions, but this year has taught me that the only things that I should take with me into 2019 are my loved ones, my faith, my optimism, my persistence, and my confidence. My crown is permanently resting on my head and if it tilts, I leave the responsibility of readjusting it to ME AND ONLY ME😘👑

**Artwork by @princess_kay_ **