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Everyone is Taken Care of but What About You?

‘‘Twas a few days before Christmas and Mommy was broke"😫😂😂 I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only parent saying this line right now, but at least we can say that our babies will be happy on Christmas Day! Now that I’ve gotten the Christmas shopping out of the way, I shall enjoy a little of the fruits of my labor for myself. In the midst of buying gifts, running errands, and trying to get bills paid, the holiday season can be pretty busy, but my family and I have reached the point now to where all of that has begun to taper off until Christmas. Now we’ll just enjoy the cookie baking, watching Christmas movies, and enjoying family time. Although the holidays do have a tendency of being rather hectic, try not to forget to squeeze in a little time for YOURSELF. A little self care won’t hurt right??!❤️