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What Mommy Wants You to Know..

As Moms, from the day our children are born and even continuing through adulthood (I know because my Mom is always there whenever we need her even now) we tend to always want to make sure that we are there for our children in anyway that they may need our assistance. Unfortunately, we can’t be there with them every single minute of the day, but I recently thought to myself that if I could instill 10 of the most important life lessons in my children throughout life, exactly what would they be? Now of course, as a Mom, I can come up with many more, but if I had to compile a list of only 10, I know exactly what I would tell them. 1.) The very first, and most important thing I would tell them would be to make sure that they PRAY DAILY. Always thank The Creator for your rising, pray over your food, and don’t be ashamed or afraid to keep prayer in your heart throughout your day. This has gotten me and is still getting me through some really rough days and is keeping me hopeful on all of those in between. 2.) ALWAYS make sure that you treat people with respect and do right by them. Life has a way of bringing you back around to needing the very same people that you done wrong by.

3.) When walking into a building, a room, or any situation where there were people there before you, always greet them. Now of course, as with anything, this situation has its other side because I would also say that if you speak to someone and they don’t greet you back, then just make that mental note going forth to not even waste your time greeting them in the future. 4.) Always keep yourselves nicely groomed and your personal hygiene on point. As soon as my kids are really able to comprehend, when they get older, how big of a stickler I am for nice teeth, and clean clothes and body, they will know exactly what I mean. 5.) In everything you do, ALWAYS TRY YOUR BEST. Never let anything or anyone knock you off of your grind. What’s in your head (your intelligence) no one can ever take it away. 6.) As brother and sisters, please always make sure that you look out for each other and try not to ever let anyone take advantage of your siblings. 7.) ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR GUT. If there’s something in the back of your mind that says “don’t do it “ or “don’t go there” or whatever it is that’s causing you to second guess yourself, then by all means listen to it. I’ve learned my lesson the hard way by going against what my gut told me. 8.) No matter what’s popular or trending, BE YOURSELF❤️ You are perfect and beautiful in every way and I would never want you to try and conform to anyone’s standard of “normal”. 9.) Never give up. I know it may sound cliche’, but if there’s something that you’re trying to achieve, go for it and don’t let anyone stand in your way. 10.) Waste no time on anyone or anything that bring negativity to your life. They will drain you of all of your positivity and optimism in any way they can. I pray that I be blessed to be able to be there for my children any time that they need me. I know that there are things that they will have to experience on their own, that I won’t be able to shield them from, but I want them to know that no matter the circumstance, I will always be there for them. I wish that my little ones could see themselves through my eyes because only then will they be able to know and understand the extent of my love for them. **Artwork by @theblackonion (IG)**