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Monday motivation? Not quite..

Today could have easily been a Monday Motivation post, but with the upcoming holiday, and the fact that a lot of people may be beginning their holiday vacation from work, I would like for everyone to take at least one minute today to think about those of us who don’t get what you would call a holiday vacation. Most of the people in this category, do an often time, thankless job; I’m speaking of people in the medical field, law enforcement, dispatchers, such as myself, and any other field where it is mandatory to have someone on duty at all times. It is very hard for us being away from our families more than we’re actually with them, but when you really love your job and have a genuine passion for what you do, you put your heart into it and you just keep going. We sometimes miss holidays, birthdays, and very special moments with our loved ones to do our job of helping the public. So on today, all I ask is that you keep this special group of people in your thoughts and prayers. I can only speak for myself, but believe me when I say that the heartfelt prayers are very much appreciated ❤️

**Artwork by princess_kay_ **