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Saturday Substance

If it takes you cutting off someone who you know no longer has your best interest at heart, DO IT. If it takes you sitting and having that 15 minutes to yourself before the kids get up for the day to gather your thoughts, TAKE IT. If i's a new hairstyle that you're desiring, GET IT. We often sacrifice our own needs and happiness, but for what??? I've been actively doing the things that make ME happy lately, and it feels so good. I'm learning to stop guilt tripping myself into thinking that I don't deserve or don't need happiness because that is far from the truth. No one said that it's imperative that you live an unhappy life, only to please other people. These very people are probably out there doing exactly what they want to do, with no regards of anyone else. As a daily affirmation I have to remind myself to DO WHAT MAKES ME HAPPY! Who cares if they don't like it, or don't agree with it. Whatever will be, will be; worrying won't prevent an inevitable outcome. You only have one life to live, so don't spend it worrying.

***Artwork by @lord_kpuri (IG)***