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Nourish your seeds and watch them GROW!

I recently came across a post where a Mother basically “mom shamed” other Mothers who did not travel often with their kids and show them more of the world. My initial reaction was me feeling mom guilt for not being able to travel with my children and show them some of the beauty of what’s out there. My finances and work schedule do not afford us that opportunity right now, but at the same time, this is not something that I or any other parent should feel the need to explain to anyone. It’s actually crazy to me that it seems like we’re having to even discuss this issue, considering how far it’s seems we've come when it comes down to parents being able to raise their kids the way they see fit, considering the day to day struggle as Moms (single or not) trying to raise our kids the best way that we see fit in this ever changing world. My babies mean the world to me and knowing that I am doing my very best to provide every thing I possibly can for them, but still not be able to afford them some of the opportunities that other kids have, really bothers me at times.

No matter how hard the people on the outside looking in are on us, at the end of the day our biggest and toughest critics are ultimately ourselves. Sometimes we tend to judge ourselves so harshly. My babies may not have taken these huge, costly vacations and they may not have traveled out of the state yet, but I do know that when their eyes light up just from me doing some of the simplest things for them or just making great times and fun here at the house, their reaction means absolutely EVERYTHING to me. Children don’t know and don’t care about the money that we’ve spent, or how popular the trip or the planning is; they care about and will remember who was there, who enjoyed those fun times with them, and they know better than we as adults do, who has a pure heart❤️ Raising my children to be materialistic and selfish is something that won’t ever happen for my little family, because I will always try to ingrain the traits of love, understanding, and compassion into them. Everyone raises their children however they deem appropriate, and we should never try and make anyone feel bad or ashamed for not spending or doing “high end” things. Parenting is not a race and shouldn’t be treated as such. We should treat our babies as precious flowers and nourish and love them daily, so that when they’re grown, they will have all of the tools and skills needed to flourish and sustain as well rounded individuals😘✌🏾

**Artwork by @b_art1 (IG)**