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Making the CUT

Ok, so you guys know that I talked about cutting cords and dead ends a while ago right? Well on December the 6th, 2018 I CUT MORE DEAD ENDS from my life, but this time the dead ends that I cut were on my head, and I couldn’t be more excited about it😁😁. That day, my beautician cut 8 years of growth from my hair into a cute little tapered style with a little length left on the top in a vibrant shade of "paprika" on top. I’ve been contemplating this change for a while and being the over thinker that I am, I’ve looked at countless pictures and stared in the mirror for the longest, trying to envision myself with this style. I get bored with my hair easily and as crazy as it sounds, I felt very limited of the styles that I could achieve with it being longer. Initially, right after leaving the salon I felt like I had made one of the biggest mistakes that I’d made in a while, but once I got home and began playing with it and finding the confidence in this beautiful style, I began to really settle in to it. Immediately afterwords, physically, I felt lighter, just like a weight had been lifted and when I looked in the mirror, my eyes popped and I was able to actually see more of ME again; I began to see even more of me that I had seen in a very long time. I know that it sounds cliche', but I felt like those inches of hair had so much of my past shame, anger, and depression attached with it that I was unable to physically see the newness of myself and my attitude. For the first time, I realized that my hair had been a huge security blanket that I was so reluctant to let go of, and for what? Was it because I was afraid of what people would say? Was I afraid of change? Whatever it was on that day when I sat in front of the mirror and my beautician told me that she wouldn't start cutting until I said so, I told myself that it was time for me to stop second guessing and over thinking and for once in my life just go for it. I knew once she took the first snip, there was no turning back.

Loving myself is something that this year has taught me in very crucial, but necessary ways. My patience and my faith have been tested in many ways. I've learned how to let go of things that I never thought I would and I've learned to value and hold on to the things that I had lost over the years. I've gained my independence, my peace, and my confidence back. Before I met my (now) ex-husband, I was full of life, I was fun, and I was no stranger to a pair of scissors when it came to my hair. My motto was "its just hair; it'll grow back". It seems that after I met him (my ex husband) and we started dating and then got married, I lost my sense of self identity and who I was as a person. I need that person (the old me) back! I know that I may never get her back fully because that was of course, before I had kids, but I do know that I want that spunk and the sense of happiness back that I had before, and as part of self care and learning to make myself happy, I am willing to do whatever it takes to gain that peace and happiness back. The results of getting this haircut have turned out to be nothing but pure bliss! I'm loving my wash and go looks and the curls and color is poppin! Not to mention, my babies love it too! If there was ever a sign that you needed to make a change in your life for the better, and you are reading this post, LET THIS BE YOUR SIGN TO DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! People will either get on board or they won't, but either way, they will be ok. You're doing this for you!

**Haircut and color by Traci Jefferson of Traci J's Trendsetterz Hair Salon**