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The Christmas Spirit will Always Live Here❤️💚

Of course times change and nothing will ever be the same as our childhood, but I must say that this time of year makes me miss being a kid. To know that my kids may not ever get a chance to experience getting the HUGE holiday edition catalogs from the retail stores and going through them, marking the pages with the things they want for Christmas makes me feel like they’re missing out on a major part of being a kid. Before everyone had internet and cell phones, we found out about the toys we wanted from the toy commercials. The constant reruns of all of the classic Christmas movies had me sitting and watching them every single time they aired, as if it were my first time watching them. There was nothing like watching Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph, Charlie Brown, and the countless Home Alone movies over and over again during the holidays. Everything back then seemed so simple and easy. Parents never seemed to compete over who could buy their kids the most expensive or the bigger quantity of gifts; everyone’s Mom just did the best she could to get the things that their kids asked for, and we were just grateful and ecstatic about it all.

I used to love seeing my entire neighborhood and anyone else’s neighborhood that we would ride through, decked out with beautiful lights and decorations, but now it seems that a lot people have lost the joy they once had for the season and everyone seems more focused on doing things bigger and better than the next person. My family didn’t have a whole lot, but you would never be able to tell that by how things were at our house during the holidays, and year round. Our house was filled with joy, laughter, and love and my Grandmother, Aunt, and my Mother always made sure that Christmas morning was extra special. I won’t be able to pass along some of these traditions to my kiddos, but the ones that I can, I am taking full advantage of. So when I say that we are keeping the Christmas spirit alive in my family, I mean it. My grandmother may not be with us in the physical sense, but the love and joy that she left us still lives here. So now that my babies are understanding Christmas a little more, I will do my best to make this entire season extra special for them❤️💚