FOURever Young

Dear Marley, Today you turned four years old. We’ve been talking about this day for months and it’s finally here. It’s a milestone for me as well because it means that I’ve been a Mom for four years, I’ve had a tiny human depending on me for their complete existence for four years, and I have officially experienced unconditional love for four whole years. I have seen you grow and come into your own sassy, quick witted, little person in so many ways over the past year. I’ve seen your vocabulary expand unbelievably; I’ve seen your love for fashion grow, and although you’re super shy, your confidence radiates beautifully in pictures.

We’ve spent the weekend celebrating with friends, family, fun, and laughs all the way through. And we made sure that you were treated just like the princess that you are with a birthday sash and crown from your Granny. The beautiful gifts and thoughtfulness shown by our close family and friends on your special day were greatly appreciated and much loved. This morning Mommy woke you up by singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and you got up with the biggest smile on your face, hopping up all bright eyed and bushy tailed once you saw your birthday shirt. Your Granny brought you cupcakes to daycare while I was at work and you celebrated your special day with all of your friends and your brother and sister. On particularly rough days, I find myself longing for the days when you and your brother and sister are older and more independent, but on days like today, I wish that time would stand still for a bit. It seems like you weren’t a baby long enough and I know that the times where you feel like Mommy is your entire universe are getting less and less. I guess your toddler days are a thing of the past and we’re moving into the stage of being a ‘kid’ now; this will be new territory for us both.

My sweet baby, once you’re old enough to truly understand these things, I hope that this letter and all of the countless other posts from my site serve as a memoir to help you get a feel for what Mommy went through before having you and also triumphs and challenges met while raising you. I pray that it serves as a roadmap to show you the different crooks and turns that life took me on, but also serves as a lesson to show you the less than perfect decisions that I made so that you won’t take any of the same paths. But make no mistake in knowing that if I’m never sure about anything else in this world, I’m sure that there are and will always be three perfect constants in my life and I call them Marley, Ayden, and Ireland❤️

**Outfit details: First picture-Outfit from Sparkle in Pink Boutique and boots from Nine West, Second picture- Shirt by Cassie Elise Designs**