Godfather Brandon

When I think of the term God parent in today’s society, I think of parents choosing someone as their child’s God parent solely off of their friendship with that person or just because that person is someone that everyone expected them to choose to take on that role. The meaning and responsibilities of this title goes far deeper than the title. When I was younger, being chosen as a God parent was an honor and a privilege, and it was not to be taken lightly. In my mind the role of a God Parent is someone who is a role model and support system for their God child. In the event that the parent(s) cannot be there, the God parent is able to step in and pick up where the parent(s) left off. I feel that this has to be someone whom you would trust with your child wholeheartedly and and have no reservations about this person fulfilling those duties. I wanted Marley to have God parents and I thought carefully on the decision. There’s someone whom I confided in throughout my pregnancy, from the moment I confirmed my pregnancy, until the day I had Marley, and that is my friend Brandon. Brandon and I grew up together and remained close from diapers to the present day and our friendship has never strayed or wavered. He’s a sound voice of reason, he has heart of gold, and he’s a great support system all his own.

I chose Brandon to be Marley’s God Father and this choice was made from the heart; I know that I couldn’t have a made a better decision for Marley. He’s always there when we need him and even on days where there is no special occasion or holiday, he drops by to see Marley and just spend some quality time with her. These little things that he does make a big difference to me and the fact that my children have no father figure in their lives, seeing them bond with Brandon (although he is only Marley's God Father and not the twins') means the world to me. H e still makes the twins feel special as well. He was one of the first people to hold Marley after she was born and the bond that they share is a special one. Every special event that Marley has, Brandon is there and for that among other things, I can say that I am truly thankful. He’s been my prayer partner and confidant when I need him the most and his unwavering faith is one of the qualities that made it so easy to choose him as Marley’s God Father. These types of people are hard to come by in this lifetime and I think we should cherish and celebrate them whenever we get the chance. Marley is old enough now to understand, in some way, the significance of Brandon being in her life and to me, it is the cutest thing because she randomly talks about him and tells me that she loves him. In my opinion, if a parent is blessed with the opportunity of choosing a God Parent for their child and they have someone in their life who models the traits, values, and characteristics that they want instilled into their child/children, then giving their child the gift of a God parent is one of the best decisions that they can make for them. Besides, it takes a village...right??