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Where is My Purpose Partner?

Nice dates that include long talks, good vibes and no anticipation of anything physical early on....Getting to know someone for who they are and actually taking the time to “date” and not being indulged in the superficial... These are the things that I wish actual “dating” consisted of now, but instead, it seems that everyone wants everything instantly. No one wants to invest the time and effort that it actually takes to get to know someone for who they really are. Ironically it is for this reason that my patience for dating has worn extremely thin; that and the fact that I’m a Mother of three little ones who require most of my time and attention. And I make that clear from the start that I have no time to waste. I think a lot of people are so engulfed in the idea of casual dating, that it has ruined the whole dating experience in general and in turn, those like me, who actually are looking for and expecting something meaningful and long lasting, miss out. I consider my time as being far too valuable to ever be wasted on meaningless situations with people who never planned on or expected to be a permanent fixture in my life. The “microwaveable” world of relationships is not something that interests me. Maybe my dating style is considered “old fashioned” but deep down inside I know my purpose partner feels the same.

I went through my "bad boy phase" in the start of my twenties, but becoming a Mother and really coming into my own helped me to realize that it is not my job to"fix people". I cannot change anyone who does not see a change for themselves and I can not mother a grown man who has not already been equipped with the skills that is needed to treat people right. I know that they say to always be specific when you pray, and it is for that reason, over time, that I don't feel like I would call the person that God has for me, my soulmate, my better half or not even "the one"; for me this person is simply called my Purpose Partner. I know that through all of my ups and downs and the lessons that I am learning, it is all for a purpose. Saying that, I know that God is preparing him just the same. Our trials and struggles may differ, but I know that when we do meet, it will all make sense. I know that our meeting won't be by chance or by accident and it will be all ON TIME but in GOD'S TIME. It is not enough to consider this person my life partner, because he will be the person whom will come along and unlock the continuation of everything that is in God's plan for me, that was hidden beforehand. He will be the person whom is sent to make everything that once made no sense, make sense and fit perfectly together like the pieces of a puzzle. My luck in the dating world has not been absent in many ways, in my opinion and I have tried this dating thing my way several times, but as many times as I have said this before and not actually listened, I've got to commit to my word this time and try things HIS WAY. I've been busy working on me and trying to get myself together and I must continue; and I know in the mean time when I least expect it, that guy will come along, out of the blue and more than likely when I'm looking my worst (no makeup, blah! lol) and he won't care anything about how much make up I do or don't have on, but his purpose shall be one with mine. Our purpose shall be seeking the heart of each other and hopefully both of our hearts will be so wrapped up in God and finding His plan for us, that we have to continue seeking God in each other to find it. I'm looking forward to my cool lil love story whenever my time comes, and of course in true blogger fashion, I will have to share my happiness with the world, but until then...I'm just out here winging it and trusting God with the rest.

**Artwork by Ubiomo Ogheneroh | IG: lord_kpuri **