Even "Supermom" needs a break

Moms are supposed to be invincible right?? At least that’s what we tend to think. The past couple days have been draining in the physical and spiritual sense. I’ve been under the weather but still pushing myself because I know that I have things to get done regardless of how I feel. Thankfully my Mom and Aunt have picked up my slack with dinner and getting the kids ready for bed for me. Although I know they don’t mind, I don’t like leaving my responsibilities to anyone else. My body was telling me to rest, but my mind was telling me that I must keep going. A couple nights have consisted of me giving in to my body’s urge to rest and just completely shutting off from the world and social media and just going to bed at the same time as my kids. Anxiety and fatigue have been at an all time high for me.

In my mind, I’m supposed to be able to carry out the responsibilities of a Mother even when I’m sick. A part of this is pride and the other part is just me not wanting to seem “weak” to anyone. We’re only human and physically we can only do so much before our body tells us to slow down. The past day or so writers block has reared its ugly head, along with feeling exhausted and uninspired. Prayer has gotten me through those days and although I know some may wonder “why not just take a break from blogging? They will understand”, my answer for that is that when you feel like purpose has been placed on your life and you’ve been blessed to find something that you truly enjoy, it’s not that easy to “take a break”. Even as I sit here, tired, congested and sneezing uncontrollably, I know that this blog entry is helping someone. Sometimes we all need to hear from someone else that (what we consider as) our crazy thoughts, feelings and actions are somewhat “normal”. So with my Theraflu, blanket and remote in hand, here’s hoping that we all have a Happy Thursday😘✌🏾

**Artwork by Natalia Murobha | IG: @murobhasart **