Wednesday Wisdom

No person’s walk or specific journey will be the same as another; whether you’re both trying to achieve the same goal or whatever the similarities may be. YOUR JOURNEY IS YOUR OWN, so when it comes to us trying to compare our success with someone else, we just can’t. Don’t let the internet, the public, or anything else influence you or rush you in this path that you’re on. Don’t rush the process; and if things seem delayed, that could be God putting you at a stand still to protect you from something He saw coming that you couldn’t. You’re going to make it; in due time you will get there! I know it’s hard to do because I’m learning this myself but BE PATIENT, be encouraged and stay the course. Pressure makes diamonds and you, my darling, are a rare gem! Happy Happy Wednesday✌🏾😘 

**Artwork by Ubiomo Ogheneroh | IG: @lord_kpuri **