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Friday Affirmation

Every week brings it’s own challenges and hurdles. In a week’s time I’ve felt like giving up, but I found reasons to hang on. I felt like crying and was reminded why I should smile. I’ve been disappointed, but I realized why I should be grateful. And I’ve felt uninspired but I refocused and found my inspiration. Each time that I found the strength in my spirit this week, has been the result of me making a conscious effort to pick myself back up and keep moving forward. I didn’t wait for someone to give me an answer and I didn’t spend the day having a pity party. I gave myself 10 minutes to feel whatever it was at that moment and after the 10 minutes were up, it was time to "boss up" and keep going. You won’t always have support or even a helping hand when your spirit is broken, but having enough strength to pick yourself back up is one of the greatest feelings I know. Today let’s try to find it in our spirit to keep it moving and stay encouraged, with or without someone in our corner. This journey is yours and that heavy load that’s on your shoulders is yours to drop off; don't leave that responsibility in someone else's hands.

**Artwork by Cathy C | IG: @c.a.t.h.y.c **