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Wednesday Wisdom

Happy Wednesday! Whatever discouragement, disappointment, or hiccup in your plans that may have occurred on yesterday- leave it behind. There's no room for that in our day today sis. Let this be your midweek reminder to STAY THE COURSE! The plans, dreams, and goals that you have are still attainable, and true enough, it may not come easy, but please whatever you do, DON'T GIVE UP. Start this day out on a positive note, pray and meditate before you get going, and then go and conquer the day! You have work to do and it won't get done by you feeling sorry for yourself and continuing to be in that slump. Kick those negative talkers and naysayers to the curb and keep it moving. Whatever you're worried about, it's already worked out, so let it go! I'm challenging myself as well as whomever the beautiful person is, who's reading this post, to make today "complaint free". Your day moves along a whole lot smoother when you make a conscious effort to just be the very best you that you can be and let the Creator take hold of your day.

** Artwork by Cathy C | IG: @c.a.t.h.y.c **