To My Last Baby..

My Beans, You inevitably became the baby of the bunch because you came one minute after your brother. I know some people wonder how I came up with the nickname “Beans” but looking back, I realize that I couldn’t have picked a more perfect nickname for you. I didn’t get a chance to see you right after yours and your brother’s birth because you two were preemies and had breathing complications but as soon as you were transported and stabilized, I walked into the NICU and saw my two little tiny babies in their incubators and instead of saying “Hey Ireland!”, the first words out of my mouth were “Hey Beena Bug!”.“Beena Bug” was the first thing that came to mind because you were so tiny. You and your brother were my precious little preemies. As time went on, I shortened “Beena Bug” to “Beans” and fast forward to now, I know that I gave you the perfect nickname because you, in all of your rambunctiousness and excitement, can sometimes be just like a little jumping bean (lol). When it came to baby babble you were a little behind and I was so afraid that there were developmental delays in your speech. But it seems that when you and your brother turned 1, a switch was flipped and you began talking non stop. And now you are my talkative little girl who loves to ask questions. You’re brave in any and everything that you do; even the things that your brother and sister won’t do and are afraid to get into, you tend to venture out and test the waters. I pray that that same persistence, determination and brilliance remains in you throughout your entire life, so that you won’t be easy to back down from a challenge and so that you’ll try and pursue your dreams, no matter how hard it seems; because your intelligence is something that no one in this world can ever take from you.

I hope that you always cherish and hold on to all of the life lessons and little things that I’m teaching you daily in terms of how to treat people, how to always hold onto those wonderful manners that you have and how to embrace every single flaw and imperfection because they all collectively make you the beautiful little girl Mommy knows and loves. Your beautiful brown skin reminds me of mine, and those wide little brown eyes are always filled with joy and wonder. Your perfect little lips always display a big beautiful smile showing that pretty little gap that I love so much. Don’t ever let the world make you change the way you see yourself and no matter what, ALWAYS BE YOU.

You, your brother, and your sister have my unconditional love and that will never change. I will always tell you I love you and I want you to unconditionally love yourself so that you will never have to go seeking validation or love from anyone else. No matter how old you get, you will always be my baby and you will always be MY BEANS❤️