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Friday Affirmation

Happy Friday! We finally made it through the week and I really hope it’s been a productive one for everyone. I’m sure by now, you’ve picked up on the fact that I am really big on self care because our babies not only need us to be healthy physically but also mentally, spiritually and emotionally. I know that when I say matching energy you may not instantly think self care, but in actuality matching energy plays a huge role in the journey of finding your happy. When I say matching energy I mean, learning how to reciprocate the very same energy we get from other people. People with ill intentions have a way of draining and sucking the very life out of you and sometimes making you feel guilty in the process. If there’s someone who is always withdrawing more from your life than they deposit into it, it may be time to sever those ties. Know that it is perfectly fine to say NO sometimes. They will find someone else, they will find another way and THEY WILL BE OK. Don’t always make yourself immediately available. No more can we be enablers; it’s time to let them figure it out on their own. And then in the same token, let's also make sure that we reciprocate appreciation and gratitude to the ones who look out for us and treat us with love and respect; they need to know that they are appreciated and valued in our lives. It’s time to be happy again and it should start from within😘✌🏾 **Artwork by Cathy C | IG: @c.a.t.h.y.c **