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Why I sent Myself to Time Out

To a child we want time out to mean that they take the time that they're given to think about the bad thing that they have done, and hopefully when we let them get up, they will have a better attitude and a better perspective on what they have done. Of course it doesn't always happen that way but, hey we tried right? So when I say I sent myself to time out this past weekend, it meant something a little different. The weekend started out on Saturday with us going to a Fall Festival. It was hot, but me, the kids and my family made the best of it and we had a great time. We came back home, ate and the kids were still wound up from the day so nap time was not even an option at this point. So Mommy did what a practical thinking Mommy would do, and that is letting them play outside and run to their little hearts' content for a while to get out all of that energy that they still had in them. For the parents who are reading, I know you understand and those who do not have kids yet, if you ever do, you will soon understand exactly what I mean (lol). So needless to say, bedtime was a breeze after they got their baths; MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Sunday was great, but busy; we went to church that morning and we also had a second service to go to that afternoon. Once again, a nap was no where in sight, but I didn't complain because the kids were acting fine and there was no meltdowns and they didn't give me or my family a hard time, so skipping the nap was totally ok. That was until that second service that we went to at our church where, I assume, Marley decided she had been quiet long enough.

From the time we arrived, until it was time for the guest pastor to speak, Marley's level of doing "exactly what Marley wanted to do" was at about a 10. We had warned her several times of what would happen if she didn’t stop misbehaving, but of course she didn’t listen. I finally had had enough and I left the twins in church service with my Mom and my sister and carried Marley out. She knew that she was in trouble and she knew that she was about to get spanked. Once we got outside, as I was about to pop her she breaks loose and runs around to the side door and back inside of the church. At this point I’m convinced (in the midst of me trying to catch my breath and wipe sweat😂😂) that I’ve basically gotten her cornered. Boy was I wrong! I made it inside and went in the kitchen of the church and no one in there had seen her; I looked in the bathrooms and even in the pastor’s study😩. Marley was nowhere to be found and by this time panic is setting in and I'm thinking to myself, “I HAVE LOST MY CHILD.

The serious side to this story is me being scared, thinking that Marley had run back outside and me not having a clue of where else to look, but in the back of my mind, I felt like she was somewhere still inside, and the funny side to this was the fact that I HAD LOST MY CHILD IN CHURCH. After about 10 minutes, I see Marley coming into the kitchen hand in hand with one of the choir members. I asked her where she had found her and she told me that Marley had ran back into the sanctuary and was sitting on one of the pews by herself (sigh of relief). I think we sometimes don’t give kids enough credit for how smart and crafty they are. She knew she was in trouble and she knew that her I was clearly not gonna catch up with her (that day🙄). My weekend was rather eventful and tiresome, but pretty entertaining nevertheless so now when I say I put myself in time out after the kids went to bed, I think you may have a better understanding of exactly what I mean. After the kids went to bed and everything was settled, I sat done in peace and quiet to myself and thought “now is when I get my well deserved time out”. I got a chance to laugh at myself and take a deep breath and just realize that at the end of the day, I’m not, nor will I ever be the perfect Mother, but the fact that I can laugh at the imperfections and just keep it moving let’s me know that I will be just fine in this whole up and down journey of parenting❤️