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Monday Motivation/Weekend Wrap up

Between a fall festival on Saturday and two church services on Sunday, our weekend was a little non stop but fun. My babies enjoyed themselves and so did I. After all of the excitement of the weekend, once everyone is in bed and I get a moment to myself, I still remember my commitment to myself, which is to make every Sunday for self care in some type of way.

I meditate, pray, and talk to God several times a day every day but there’s just something about Sundays. Sunday is the day of the week when I try to get my soul aligned with the ultimate desires and promises that I have made to myself. I’ve been fed spiritually at church and then to go home and continue to dig a little deeper into my faith with my blogging, devotionals, and meditation help me to prepare for whatever the week throws at me. So now as we enter into a brand new week, with new wonders and possibilities, let us all remember to keep a positive mindset and attitude no matter what the weekend throws at us😘✌🏾