What’s the rush??

“I will be glad when my babies start crawling” “I will be glad when my babies start walking” “I will be glad when my babies get potty trained” These are all things that I have said over and over again and now, in what seems like within the blink of an eye, all of those milestones have been met and we are now conquering new things like staying in the lines when they color and writing the alphabet. With all of the hustle and bustle and responsibilities each day brings, it has become the norm for me to occasionally say “I’ll be glad when...” instead of me cherishing the present time and trying to hold on to the sweet moments and amazing things that my kids do and say on a daily basis. Last week after all three of my kids were asleep, Ayden wakes up a few hours later, and tells me he wants me to hold him. I sat there and held my baby boy for at least an hour and began to thank God for how far I’ve come with my babies, but I also thought about how much I missed them being so small. I thought about all of those times when I was wishing for them to hurry and get to the next milestone and got mad at my self for not cherishing those days just as they were.

I’m thankful for realizing this early on to slow down, enjoy, and take in every moment that I can. I would normally get mad at the fact that when I tell my kids “no” to something, sometimes my Mom tells them “yes”; or I would get upset with her letting them get away some things that I normally wouldn’t let them do. I now see why she lets them get away with some things that I normally wouldn't; my Mom enjoys the pitter patter of those little feet running thorough her house. She enjoys the messes that they make, no matter how big. She always says “Granny will clean it up”. She misses those times of my sister and I being that small and she totally enjoys being a Grandma now.

Being a Mom sometimes makes you feel confined to a day to day routine of taking care of everyone and wanting to get things done, that before you know it those days of constant little chatter from your little ones, turn into a house of quiet and calmness because they’re all grown up and gone on with lives of their own. Of course there are still times where I’m completely exhausted and feeling like I’m just going through the motions of the day, and I am still guilty of occasionally rushing through my day. But I can say that I am improving in the aspects of learning to take a step back and take in all of the priceless moments and the ever changing things that my kids do. Kids are like sponges and they take in everything that we do and say, whether we notice it or not and I want my babies to always know the importance of living in the moment as opposed to just “going through the motions”. Besides, who better to enjoy this little crazy life with than my “little entourage”??😝❤️

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