Are we going to the dollar store or on a road trip??!!!

Looking back on the days pre kids, deadlines and responsibilities (blah), I can remember those simpler times when I wanted to do something as simple as make a quick trip to the dollar store just to pick up a few necessities and it was no problem. I would grab my bag, hop in the car and go. Fast forward to the present and I have to plan a trip up town to the dollar store (at least) an hour ahead of time just give myself time to get my thought process together (who knew?! lol). I guess I may have my complicated thought process to blame for that or the fact that I may be a little ocd when it comes to organization. Over the weekend, the kids and I went to the dollar store, as we normally do, but this trip in particular I find humor in (lol).

I had previously mentioned to my kids that day, that we were going to the store a little later (BIG MISTAKE!). The fact that I told them that, got their little brains turning and they asked me "when are we going to the store?" an ungodly amount of times, until I eventually just gave in and told them to put their shoes on and lets head out of the door. They began to grab their shoes and, in true Ireland fashion, Ireland begins putting hers on and gets all beside herself saying that she can't get them on. Then Ayden successfully gets his on and they're on the wrong feet. Marley gets hers on fine and we head out the door. We get to the car and each one of them are screaming for something that they say "they left" in the house; the girls say left their dolls and Ayden says he left his dump truck. I instantly begin with the Mom speech and tell them that they don't need to take these things with them and of course no one listens. This, in turn, makes the whole 7 minute car ride a nightmare.

We get to the store and of course the debates and arguments don't stop there because then we have to decide who will ride in the front part of the cart and who will ride inside. By this time I'm sweating bullets. In a nutshell, what used to be a 20 minute task turned into about an hour and a half excursion. I think it's funny how toddlers throw fits about everything from leaving their cookie at their Granny's house to arguing about who is going to use the potty first. I'm almost certain that my "Mommy brain" as I like to call it, makes it no better (lol) because no matter how organized and well thought out I plan things beforehand, they almost NEVER turn out that way. I'll either forget something, lose something, or end up running late. But I'm ok with that, my kiddos keep me on my toes and and give me that "Mommy charisma" that I would never have otherwise. Besides, who else is gonna make me feel like the coolest person in the world just by doing something as simple as turning the radio all the way up in the car and letting them sing their little hearts away. Kids can be complicated, but they can make you feel so loved.