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No need to wonder, the world is yours my darling!

"What are your dreams and goals??"...I would think for a few seconds and then reply "I feel like I am doing exactly what I was put on this earth to do, and that's being a Mother and helping people daily in my occupation as a 911 dispatcher". This is the answer that I gave when I was asked this question a few months ago. After hearing my reply he then said "I know that you are a great Mom and that you love your kids, and I also know that you love your job, but really what are your dreams and goals?" He said "everyone should have that one thing that they love to do and that makes them happy outside of family and work". I didn't really feel like I had a "niche" outside of my job and being a Mom, until I turned 30. 30 really changed some things for me in ways that I was previously not prepared for. I always knew that I loved writing and that I was good at it but I never wanted anyone to read my work. I was super shy, timid and seldom voiced what was on my mind (at least not publicly). 30 kind of flipped a switch in me and brought me out of my comfort zone with my writing and my confidence, and here I am doing exactly what I feel like God called me to do. As Moms we sometimes have a tendency of shying away from our dreams and goals and we end up putting them on the back burner. I am, what I like to call a "professional procrastinator"; I get things done on time but I had made a habit out of putting things off for later and for some of those things, later hasn't come yet, but as for this goal with my writing and my blog...THE TIME IS NOW. It's my personal belief that no one was put on this earth to be just mediocre; I feel like we were all placed here to do a job, and that is to make the things and people around us better by starting with ourselves. What we do with the time that we are given is our choice. I, however, told myself that I am done wasting mine.

Exactly what is it that is holding you back from doing the thing that you've always wanted to do? Exactly what is it that is holding you back from starting your own business, or starting that blog like you planned, or writing that book that you have been talking about writing? Why are we so hesitant? Is it fear? Are we afraid of what someone may say or think? Is it because we feel like we need to be solely focused on our kids and family and NOTHING else? Pursuing your dreams have no time limit and setting personal goals and reaching them is all a part of self care. Let your kids see you doing something positive; something that makes you happy. Let them see you winning and leveling up, THEY NEED THAT. And you have no idea of what positive affects that has on them. They need to see you attaining that goal that you pushed aside. They need to see you doing what others said can't be done. I knew that when I started this blog I would not get tons of support from everyone; I knew that there would be days that I would feel uninspired, and I also knew that there would be days that people really wondered and asked questions about why I'm even doing this. My answer is simple; I AM DOING THIS FOR ME, no one else but me. We all want to leave an inheritance of financial wealth and stability for our kids and generations to come, but what about the wealth of knowledge, of perseverance, of never settling? Leaving them with the tools to survive mentally and spiritually is far more than anything of monetary value. The negativity will come, the criticism will come, the backlash will come, but God never promised us sunshine without a little rain. Everyone won't be on board with you deciding to pursue what you've always wanted to do and that is perfectly fine; DO IT ANYWAY! Step out on faith and sow that seed of success for that thing that has been on your heart to do and watch yourself harvest a beautiful beginning! Women who invest in themselves go further😘

**Artwork by Natalia Murobha | IG: @murobhasart **