Wednesday Wisdom

We have officially made it half way through yet another blessed and beautiful week and the thing that has been sticking out and replaying in my mind over and over again are two words; BE QUIET! Each blessing that God has for us is tailor-made just for us and there's nothing that anyone can do to take that away, but sometimes during the process and the changes that He takes us through in order to get us where He is intending for us to go, we tend to talk too much. When we're being shaped and molded to receive our blessings, we sometimes tend to jump the gun and that in turn, sometimes makes those hills a little bit higher and it makes it a little bit harder to see our way. Everyone doesn't have your best interest at heart and not everyone is rooting for you. In due time you'll be able to make that announcement; but in the meantime just remember if you're in the process of getting a new job...BE QUIET! If you're in the process of purchasing a home...BE QUIET! If you it's a new business venture you're thinking of pursuing...BE QUIET! Whatever it is that is part of your "leveling up" process, learn to keep it to yourself until it's time. In due time, you'll be able to make your announcement. Happy Wednesday!