Terrible Who..????

I wonder who came up with the term "Terrible Two's"??? Did they really think that that fit throwing stage would instantly end the day that these adorable but mischievous little people turn 3??? Let me be the one to raise my hand (in shame lol) and say that I really did think that once my kids turned three years old, I wouldn't have to deal with as many meltdowns and 15 (plus) minutes of crying when someone doesn't get their way (even sometimes after discipline). Having 3 toddlers, all three years old (one of which will be turning four in December) has the all time level of excitement at our house at about a 15, and that's on a scale of 1-10 (lol). Nap time and bedtime is Mommy's favorite part of day; everything in between those times I'm pretty much settling arguments over who had the green crayon first, looking for doll combs, and everything in between. At this stage, they're wanting to be more independent and they want to do everything on their own. Giving them little tasks to do so that they develop a sense of independence and finding their own way of doing things is the stage that we are in now and they love it (Mommy loves it too!). Which of course being independent is great and I enjoy it to the fullest until it's a day where Mommy has to rush and kinda help the process along so that we can get to daycare and then I can make it to work; this is when the meltdowns loom in . Overall I have started noticing the difference in my oldest (Marley who will be 4 in December) and my twins (Ayden and Ireland) because Marley in some ways has become the voice of reason of the 3, at times she's a little more settled and she tends to sometimes wants to hash things out with her brother and sister and decide to just give them what they want just to satisfy them. This is where Mommy has started seeing the light at the end of the tunnel; the tunnel of "Terrible Two behavior" of course.

I know that there are other moms who have little ones who are entering, or are fully in this stage so please believe me when I say DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE of "Terrible Two" ending once year three begins. Of course each child is different and yours may be an exception to this idea but if not, I just want to tell you to hang in there!. Patience is key; if you don't have that, you'll forget how to enjoy even those not so sweet moments when they're fighting over toys or just simply fighting sleep. That sounds silly to say but we (moms) will miss those days one day when they're older and start developing lives of their own. They're only little for a while is what I have to remind myself and as much as I enjoy the fact that they're becoming more independent, I begin to realize that they won't need me for as much one day. So whether I'm having to play the role of a referee, a chef, a counselor or a nurse to my kids, the number one spot that I will always take pride in is being a MOMMY.

**Artwork by Natalia Murobha | IG: @murobhasart **