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Young, Wild and THREE!

Yesterday was my twins’ birthday and what better topic than...MY TWINS❤️❤️ Our day from start to finish was filled with tantrums, meltdowns, laughs, hugs and fun times. To someone who is not a parent, that probably sounds like a day of chaos, but to a parent...THAT IS A NORMAL DAY, and the crazy part about it is that I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m a single Mom, living an ordinary life, so my wallet isn’t overflowing, but if you could see the amount of love in this little heart of mine while watching my children enjoy themselves on a day that I planned for them, you would see that the love and joy I get from this is more than money could ever buy. As previously mentioned, I’ve had my share of planning big parties only to get disappointed, but the day that I planned for my babies on yesterday couldn’t have been more perfect. I gave my kids the type of party that my Mom gave me back when I was young and to me, those are the ones that are the most memorable. Their day was great on a small budget and a few family friends and it was a blast. A major thanks goes to my Mother who is always there to go the extra mile for the babies and I at whatever we plan. Now how do I know my babies had an absolute awesome day??? BEDTIME WAS A BREEZE. Mission accomplished✅ (Mommy pats herself on the back) and contemplates the next adventure!

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