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Cutting cords..

More often than not, we get attached to temporary things and then wonder why our happiness doesn’t last. Life is all about change and growth and I had gotten way too complacent in the way things were. This new Chapter of my life or what I like to call “Finding Me” (as previously mentioned) actually started a little while before I turned 30 and it has had me biting the bullet on some things and coming out of my comfort zone like never before. I’m learning as a Mother and as a woman that it is time to “cut some cords”. Being bound and held down by things and people that have stunted my growth mentally, spiritually and emotionally is something that my spirit no longer has the capacity to hold. For the longest I've been bound by a "cord" called INADEQUACY; I've felt like I was not worthy to be called a wife or a mother. Feeling like you are never enough or unworthy keeps you weighed down with thoughts of just accepting things as they are and just accepting whatever treatment people bestow upon you. I've cut the cord of meaningless connections and bonds with people who don't have my best interest; I feel like God gives us all the gift of discernment but it's up to us to be still, listen and obey. Just because they are placed in your life, doesn't that they are meant to stay. Worthless connections is one of the biggest things that will stunt your growth and hold you back. The cord of WAITING has been cut; I no longer think that there is a such thing as a "perfect time" to do anything. Sometimes you have to just pick things up exactly where you are in that very moment and move forward in faith. Waiting for the "right time" or the "perfect time" sometimes has you trying to live up to unrealistic expectations of a specific point in time where you feel like the answer will just fall in your lap, when in actuality God may have been whispering those little hints and sending little signs the entire time. The final cord, but certainly not the least important one that has no home with me anymore is the cord of NEGATIVITY. We sometimes don't realize how much power words have over our mood, our progress, and our life as a whole. I can remember not long ago saying "Maybe I am meant to be single for the rest of my life" but I'm seeing and taking note of the situations that God is wanting to me dodge or steer clear of, for the protection of my own heart. He wants me to be still, heal my heart, mind, and my spirit and wait on that special someone that He has set aside just for me. I used to go throughout the day complaining every once in a while about things that didn't quite go my way but all He (God) was asking for was appreciation and gratitude for the things that he has done and is doing thus far, because situations could definitely be a completely different way.

When you leave your happiness and peace in the hands of another human being, you give them all control over your mood, your thoughts and it leaves them with the say so of how things are supposed to go in your life. We give too much power to people who are not equipped to love us correctly and to situations that bring no promise of growth; this causes disappointment after disappointment. Just like a flower needs pruning or trimming, so do we. I know it sounds silly to apply this to everyday life but, flowers need their dead leaves cut in order to produce more healthy blooms. Anything that is attached to something dead and non-producing, causes a stunt in growth and eventual death of the whole organism and speaking in terms of us as humans, this in turn causes a stunt in our spiritual, mental and emotional growth and causes continual stagnancy. Of course pruning and trimming those dead situations may not produce immediate results but peace of mind is a feeling like no other and letting go of dead attachments gives us just that. I saw a quote the other week that said "I asked God to help me grow and it started raining". NEED I SAY MORE???!!! Of course we'll still have obstacles and hurdles to endure, but having faith and knowing that the outcome will be way greater than the situation, brings much comfort. So whether they're cords, dead leaves or whatever it is stunting my growth, I'm saying right now with confidence and faith that I AM LETTING IT GO!!

**Featured artwork by: Natalia Murobha | IG: @murobhasart **