Adjusting a crown other than your own👑

Wouldn't it be pretty great if we all supported each other in our journeys to being our best selves?? No I don't just mean when we're making progress in our professional lives, but when we're leveling up within our personal lives and accomplishing goals for things that we have set for ourselves. In a perfect world that would be great, but realistically I know that that probably won't happen in this lifetime (lol), but on a much smaller note, I think that it would be great to have a group of single moms from all walks of life to communicate with and have a common goal of just being our best selves. Kinda like the "Single Moms' Club" (minus the babysitting each others kids because I'm finicky about who watches my children) with just good hearted, inspiring , fun loving Moms who need that adult interaction every once in a while . Having someone to call when you just need that little bit of parenting advice or just need a second opinion to make sure that you don't sound crazy; or a great group of Moms who you can schedule a day to all go out to an event with just to get that brief bit of time away from home. Sure we have Google and Youtube and all of those other sites that you can always go to if you need "advice" or just someone else's opinion who isn't bias and has no idea what your situation is, but to have an actual group of Moms who have been through what you have been through, or are going through what you are going through and who can completely understand is just BOMB to me! I'm all for self care and uplifting someone other than myself and if I can help someone, I will. You never know when you may need that extra boost yourself. When I first had my twins and they were preemies in the NICU I would have loved to have a group of Moms or a Mom who may have been through something similar, to keep my spirits up and help me through it. Without a doubt prayer, my faith in God and my strong support system helped me stay positive, but having a great group of strong, encouraging Moms would have been awesome. Living in a world where posting your every move has become the norm, it opens the gateway for judgement, self consciousness and sometimes overall envy of how far a person has come as opposed to just congratulating and genuinely being proud.

I know I cant be the only Mom (single or not) who feels like we absolutely need this positivity. Being a Mom is HARD and it means way more than just dressing our kids up in cute clothes and having them take cute creative pictures; sometimes you need somewhere or someone to vent to when you have a child who has a tantrum problem or when you're trying to find positive reinforcements to discipline. Sometimes you wish you had that Mom who is just like you and just wants to have a glass of wine at the end of the day and not discuss kids, or husbands or work, but instead you just want to talk about being a better you. The world is already harsh enough with it's critiques of how a Mom should be or how we should act, or what we should dress like; we definitely shouldn't feel the need to be that way toward each other. Sometimes we don't get the chance or the opportunity to talk about ourselves, or our goals, or things that we want to achieve because it's mostly over shadowed by the laundry list of things that is asked of us in a day, or it can be thrown on the back burner because you know that you're being pulled in a million different directions daily. For those fortunate enough to have a group of Moms who they can relate to and who can encourage them and push them toward those personal goals, I applaud you ladies; we definitely need MORE of this. Helping someone else's light shine won't dim yours a bit!