Some of the most frequently asked questions to a Mom of twins

Although being a Mom of twins is challenging at times, I have got to admit that it is also pretty cool. To know that your body carried two little people for nine months (or less in my case), is just an extraordinary thing in itself to me. And I’m sure that the Moms of other multiples of more than 2 can also agree, that when you were first told by the doctor that you were carrying more than one baby you were pretty shocked! Feeling little kicks and movement from, not one baby, but two the whole pregnancy was a joy for me and a feeling like no other. I’ve been asked some weird, funny and very often, interesting questions about being a twin Mom and I just thought that it would be pretty neat to share some. •”What did you say when you first found out you were having twins?” One word, “WOW!” I don’t think there is anything that can prepare a Mom-to-be to find out that she is expecting more than one baby at a time. I think I said “WOW!” for maybe 10 minutes lol. •”Are they identical?” I’ve been asked this question countless times and although it is a rather oblivious question to me, it is actually pretty legit, in that if you don’t have twins and know nothing about them, you would obviously want to know. Some people don’t know that fraternal twins are genetically unique, in that they are formed from two separate eggs that are fertilized by separate sperm, which causes them to be genetically different; and that fraternal twins are no different than any two siblings born to the same mother and father but in a single baby birth. They’re no different than any other brother and sister, they just happened to be conceived at the same time🤷🏾‍♀️ •”Which one is older?” I think this is a cute question; my munchkins were 1 minute apart. Ayden came at 10:30 AM and Ireland came right after at 10:31 AM. •”Do twins run in your family?” This twin pregnancy kind of just spontaneously came about. There are only one set of twins on my Mother’s side of the family that I know of, so my twins were a complete surprise to us all. •”Do your twins have ‘twintuition’?” Now this is a question with the answer probably pending at this time because they’re only 2 and I don’t really know what kind of actual “twintuition” moments that they have had thus far since they’re so young, but I will say that I am looking forward to seeing what kind of “twintuition” moments they’ll have in the future. Although I will say that when they were younger they would both get hiccups at the same time (and sometimes still do), they pooped at the same time and even now they sleep in the same positions simultaneously and I still think that it is absolutely amazing. Their bond is so strong and I do feel like they have some kind of “special twin connection” just by watching the way they interact with each other sometimes. •”Your hands must be full” Yes my hands are full but you should see the size of this heart❤️ Being a Mom of multiples is no easy task, but being a Mother period is huge responsibility. •”So I guess you’re done now, huh?” To some Moms this can be kind of offensive because just because a woman has twins or multiples, DOES NOT mean she has to be done having kids. I myself, chose not to have anymore children after having my twins but it’s definitely a woman’s right and choice as to how many kids she decides to have and just because she has two or more kids in one pregnancy does not have to mean that she’s done. I say to each his own. •”Better you than me” This statement used to really make me mad when I heard someone say this; as if my children are a burden. I would never consider them a burden or feel like they are in my way because I brought those precious babies in the world and I love them and will protect them with everything in me for as long as I live. Knowing better now and being proud of every walk of life that I have taken, my reply to those people is that “God puts no more on us than we can bare and He knew I could handle these blessing so he entrusted these precious jewels with me💎💎💎

These are only a portion of the questions I've been asked, of course there are many more. I'm sure that some of the other Moms of multiples can definitely relate. Let me know some of the questions and comments that you have gotten!