“It’s ok Ayden, you can do it!”

We have finally plunged into the world of potty training, and whoever said that boys were easier to train should take a visit to my house🤦🏾‍♀️. I think maybe I got a little too comfortable in the fact that potty training my oldest was a breeze, but I haven’t had the same luck with my twins. Ireland has been a bit more resistant but Ayden is not liking this change AT ALL. From me having to clean up after his “aim” was way off, to the constant crying when he goes #2, the struggle has been real. I have went through all of the "what-if's" in my mind:"What if his Dad was here to help him with this? What if I was a bit mare patient?", I could go on and on. My mind even pondered the simple thought of "maybe he's just constipated" (but no that wasn't it). At the end of the day, I know that I'm not the first Mom who has to raise her kids alone, due to an absent father and I'm pretty sure I won't be the last. I cannot teach him how to perfectly pee standing up (lol) or how to be man, but as his Mom I'm going to do the best that I can, to make sure he grows up knowing how to treat, not only women, but people in general. During this whole stressful process, on one of his really uncooperative days and one of those days where I'm at my wits end with it, his twin sister comes in and sits down on the floor in front of him and says, “It’s ok Ayden, you can do it”. At this point, he stops crying, quietly sits there with her, and what started out as a hysterical bathroom trip, turned into a success. And of course, for anyone who knows me, knows that by this point my eyes are watering and I just want to grab them both and give them the biggest hugs possible. Now every time he has to go, she does this and she will sit there until he’s finished. The pure, genuine, untainted love that children have in their hearts, before the world comes along and has the chance to try and pollute it, is definitely something that we, as adults, can take notes on. The world needs more of this. Potty training this go round may not be the easiest, but it has definitely taught me more patience than I’d ever thought I would have.