Love?! What's that??? exactly what I feel every time I hype myself up to "get back out into the dating world". This isn't a man bashing post but a post coming from the heart of someone who was promised the world from a man whom she put all of her trust and love into but was let down. This post is coming from someone who walked down an aisle, arm in arm with her loving and supportive step dad, while she was smiling through the pain of having a miscarriage with her first child. My love for my children is unconditional and that's without a question, but where is the guy who is supposed to come and sweep me off my feet? Living in that fairy tale land of what love is "supposed to be" kinda went out the window when my children's father left. Dating while trying to juggle the responsibilities of being a single Mom can be tough. Right when you feel like you've met someone who just might meet that criteria of what you're looking for, something happens and that rug gets snatched right from under you and that wall of insecurity gets built right back up, but even taller this time; then it becomes even tougher to tear down. In a world that has become so wrapped up in technology, meaningless "I love you's" and narcissism, it is becoming harder and harder to find that one true person who will be committed to sticking it out with you for the long haul. It's becoming harder and harder to weed out what's real and what's not but there's still someone out there who is just as wrapped up in the idea of coming home to the same person for the rest of their life as I am, and I'm gonna hang on to that little bit of hope that he is out there somewhere waiting for this goofy, less than perfect, prissy, dramatic, selfie loving, Mom of 3 who adores her kids with everything in her.