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Starting over

I named this post "starting over" for one reason and one reason only; I am definitely no stranger to starting over. It's almost become the norm for me (as crazy as that sounds!). This crazy little world of mine has seen its share of new beginnings from, moving, to babies, to jobs and everything in between. And through all of that, I wouldn't change not one moment of it for the world. But I will say that although I call this post "starting over", a better name would probably be "new beginnings". I have pondered on this idea of starting this blog for months now, knowing that my niche has always been writing. It's like I was just waiting and praying for a huge sign to just fall in my lap and tell me "Zelenka, this is what you need to do". I just turned 30 this past Sunday and I knew months ago that there was something else I needed to be doing with my life. As if the world of dispatching isn't exciting enough, something stirred up my spirit and told me that there is something else that I needed to do. Someone else needed to hear and read these stories and experiences that I've been through to help them “get through". So after many nights of staying up wondering, meditating and praying, here I am, in the big world of MOMMY BLOGGING! I'm entering this huge world of "veteran bloggers" and writers, with years and years of experience and many tools that have helped them along the way, but with so much apprehension and a little insecurity, I say "HERE I AM!" I'm a single mom with many stories from my life experiences with my kids and a lot to say so here goes nothing!...

My 30th birthday